“There is no truth or knowledge of this world prior to the Balance, only spoken tales of Astasia – a time of unending horror and strife. Many believe those stories to be myths, cautionary tales to keep mortals living in fear. However, one thing is for certain. A world without balance is a world that is vulnerable to absolute destruction. It is for this reason that I say, let the gods forever stay the Days of Astasia.”
– Dreyer Maloth, the 44th Archbason of the Spearitan Faith

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Every song has a story…

The Days of Astasia is a riveting series of fantasy novels telling the tales of Lorenguard.  Set in the conflicted world of Athland, where the Balance of power that was once maintained by the long-dormant archangels slowly begins to wane, this trilogy of high fantasy, heavy metal, and enduring adventure is sure to captivate readers and listeners who yearn for a conceptual blend of music and literature.

Beginning with Book One, Eve of Corruption, author (and drummer) Brady Sadler sets the scene for Lorenguard’s music by introducing readers to a vivid cast of characters. From the valiant and conflicted members of the Lorengaurd, to the tragic victims of the Burning One’s dark influence, the inhabitants of Athland are thrust into an epic struggle against uncertain foes.  As seven unlikely heroes unite in this dark time, the ripples of the crumbling Balance will test their worth and determine if they fall to the wicked temptations of corruption.

Lorenguard’s debut album of the same name follows the events of Eve of Corruption, complementing the intricate story with an immersive soundtrack. Follow along with the album’s lyrics as you read, and discover a brave new world that has only just begun to be explored.

Eve of Corruption – Book One of The Days of Astasia is now available in print and eBook formats.